Finally, it's here! Yeah! Pierogi this Saturday, June 23rd at East Aurora Flea Market

We will be selling at the East Aurora Flea Market this Saturday, June 23rd from 8:30am to 4:00pm.  They are located at 11167 Big Tree Rd, East Aurora, NY 14052. 

We are offering four (4) different Pierogi options and all 100% vegan. They will be frozen in packages of six (6) and there will be a mixed packs available, also frozen in packages of twelve (12). The mix pack has been the number one request from everyone and we agree, why not have one where people can taste them all!

These are not traditional Pierogi. We learned to make Pierogi over the years from our relatives and friends. However, we wanted to make it a little more healthful and FUN! We are all about living life to it's fullest, living in the moment cause we are not guaranteed a place in this world tomorrow so let's have some fun with our food!

Pierogi Choices:

  • Kraut + Apple Chutney with Beet Dough
  • Potato + Cheese with Spinach dough
  • Chili Spiced Jackfruit with Carrot + Tomato Dough
  • Aloo Matar with Turmeric Dough. This is our take on the Indian dish Aloo Matar. It is filled with potatoes, peas, tomato curry sauce. It is one of my favorites

I was thinking the other day why not offer something for our furry friends too. After a little research and talking to a few people I came up with a Cookie Recipe that is safe for Dogs and Horses. We will be selling the Cookies as well this Saturday in 8 ounce packages for $7.00 each. 

We are so excited to introduce you to our products. It's been several years of making pierogi, testing, thinking, researching, planning .... it's finally here!

We hope to see you there this Saturday! 

<3 Darlene Suba, Owner of Yeah! Pierogi LLC

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